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Angelica: Good Night Kiss By X Art

Model: Krystal Boyd aka Angelica

Now we're going to talk about Angelica: Good Night Kiss in just a second. Before we do that, I want to talk about Camera Roll. If you take pictures with a Flickr camera, with a camera app built into Flickr, you want to save the image to your Camera Roll on your iPhone too. Or at least, that's what I advise. So turn on Teenxvid, if it isn't on already. In terms of the other things Default privacy. That's, that's pretty much up to Teenxvid. When I upload images to Flickr, I like them to be public. I like other people to see them.
Angelica Good Night Kiss beauty
So that's my default. Anything that's a default though, you can override individually. So you can mark images as erotic adult video, or for just friends or family. But I think part of the idea, at least the way that I use it, is that I want the images out there. Now, that doesn't apply though, when you're doing Auto Synch. Auto Synch is a little different, and we're going to tap on that right now. And what Auto Sync is, is that when you take pictures with your mobile phone, it automatically uploads those images to Flickr, to your Flickr account.
because you have one terabyte, why not use it? So I'm going to tap on Auto Sync. Used to be called Auto Backup, but now it's Auto Sync. And you'll see right here, this is the important part. This is, I think, what makes Auto Sync work. That when you take shots with your iPhone, they are marked as private. When they go into erotic adult video, if you have this turned on, I have it off right now, they're marked as private, which means only you can see them. And then, you decide of all those shots that you take over the course of a week, a month, a year, which images you want to make available to the public.
Angelica Good Night Kiss back
In other words, which images will show up in your Flickr Photo Stream? So then you would mark those images as public. And if it didn't work this way, I don't think that Auto Sync would be very viable, because you know I take a lotta goofy shots with my, with my iPhone and you might too. And I don't want every goofy shot that I take to show up on my Flickr page. So, if you decide to use this, by turning this switch right here on. Then all the images that you take with your iPhone will be backed up to your Flickr account as private.

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