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Ashley S: Getting Ready For Bed – X-Art

Ashley S: Getting Ready For Bed won't be a big deal. Were just gonna do, let's change a couple things. And you're just getting to know him so lean in, lean nice and close in and just get to know this little guy. Yep, perfect, thanks. I'm gonna stand on your bed one more time. Taking photos I notice there's a little bit of light on erotic video coming up from the blinds. I made a quick adjustment and managed to move most of it. There's still a small piece I can work off in Teenxvid, but that's something I didn't want to compensate for losing that image. Ashley S Getting Ready For Bed Us solo erotic video, yeah, I'll just move my angle. So that's not a problem. I'll just know that that's on his chest. Okay, and then I'm gonna sneak out of the room a little bit and then you guys are just gonna talk like it's totally normal to hang out on your bed all dressed up with your baby, because it is, right? I also made sure to step back out of the room and used a little bit of the wall to look at my subjects. So it's like me peeking in on their little life, which I think is a neat aspect in composition as well. Once I had all the shots I wanted out of the bedroom, we ventured back into the family room so I could continue setting up the backdrop and the little studio portion of their lifestyle session. Checking your settings, as you switch locations, is also essential. I noticed when I was at the backdrop, that I needed to warm the temperature a little bit, so I adjusted by Kelvin accordingly. At this point, you also have to realize that the temperature of the baby is even more important than that. We had space heaters setup on both sides of the ottomans, and a heating pad was on its way just in case. Another safety note with heating pads, I do use them to warm up blankets, but anytime they are near a child, and they will be on, ensure that they are always turned off, no matter what. Even if they have diaper on, you never know. You don't want to mix electricity with newborns. Here we go. Got some great light. Working with newborns takes a lot of patience, and a lot of time. You can't rush them into a position, or expect them to fall asleep, and magically pose on a backdrop. What I tend to do, is soothe them into a comfortable position. If I'm trying to pose them, and they don't want that pose, or it feels awkward in any way, I definitely don't force anything. Ashley S Getting Ready For Bed Us back We might skip the whole stomach posing, and just turn them on their backs, as some babies are not comfortable in some positions. If the newborn does not want to get into any specific pose, you can still use that opportunity, and that gorgeous backdrop, to get a lot of up close beautiful shots of the baby. It became apparent that Teenxvid was not going to fall asleep, and as you know, babies without diapers tend to have accidents, so we decided to change our setup at that point, and move to more of a nested location on the floor.

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