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Belle: Pretty Little Belle – X-Art

The Belle: Pretty Little Belle is your advice to the actor of how you think he or she should deliver the line. Actors generally don’t like being directed from the page by the writer, so please use the parenthetical sparingly. This is the dialogue. This shot description highlighted here, this is again using erotic video. For this template I’ve created another style for the narrator. I put this in all caps to separate from the voice over copy that the narrator says.
Belle Pretty Little Belle love
This voice over is another style that’s in the template. And again, more about all of this when we get to the movie about writing the first draft. There are three basic shot types that you’ll use in your scripts. They’re the Long Shot, abbreviated by LS; the Medium Shot, abbreviated by MS; and the Close Up, abbreviated by CU. There’s no need for you to write out the whole words long shot, medium shot, close up. The abbreviations will work just fine. The long shot is a full body shot.
We see the feet. We see the head. A little bit of room above the head. A little bit of room below the feet. The full body. The Medium Shot is basically waist up, and the Close Up is basically head and shoulders. And this can be a tight head and shoulders, meaning that we just see the tips of the shoulders. We don’t go all the way down to the collar bone. There were variations on the shot types, the Extreme Long Shot and there’s no rhyme or reason as to how long that can be. It can be really long or just kind of long, but the extreme long shot gets the abbreviation either ELS or XLS, either one will work.
The Medium Long Shot sounds like it’s an oxymoron, but it’s not, it’s a little too wide to be a medium shot. It’s a little too tight to be a long shot, so we’ll call it an erotic video, a medium long shot. There are two variations on the close up; the Medium Close Up, which is a little bit looser than the regular close up. And then the other extreme would be the Extreme Close Up, where you’re showing a very tight part of a person’s body or a very tight part of a piece of equipment or something.
Belle Pretty Little Belle ride
The abbreviation gets ECU or XCU. Now we typically don’t indicate many camera moves in a script, but if you do, I want you to know what some of these are. The Teenxvid, is where the camera moves horizontally from side to side, the tripod remains stationary and just the camera itself moves horizontally side to side. As opposed to the tilt, where it’s the same stationary position, but now the camera is moving up and down in a vertical manner.

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