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Izzy: Submissive Seduction – X-Art

The Izzy: Submissive Seduction is where you zoom into a tighter shot or zoom out to a wider shot. We typically don’t indicate in the script these types of shots, but just in case you need to, I want you to have an understanding of them. The boom or dolly shot, also sometimes is called a truck shot. This is where the camera, tripod and everything physically moves from one place to erotic video. On a shoot, those places are referred to as marks. But all you need to know is that the camera is moving. Handheld is a legitimite camera move, but it’s hard to watch over an extended period of time, so please, use handheld videos sparingly.
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Now if you’re using the two column script, typically your video will be on the left and your audio will be on the right. The sources that you would use for your video, which would be on the left, would be original video that you shoot. If it’s not someone’s interview or a talking head narrator, we often call this b-roll and that’s just a throwback term to the earlier days of television. Another video source would be archive video, and this can be simply old film or old film that’s been transferred to video or even old photographs.
Graphics would be artwork that an artist has created for the video. And animation would be graphics that move, that has been created for the video. Talent is a source of video, and this can be either your on camera narrator or actors performing a scene. When it comes to those talent sources, we have the VO, which stands for voice over where we don’t see the narrator. As opposed to the Teenxvid, which is the voice on camera when we do see the narrator. And that’s different from erotic video.
The sound on tape is the sound bite that you get from an interview subject. And dialogue is simply those performances by actors. On the audio side of the script, you have your talent, providing the audio. You have natural sound which is abbreviated Teenxvid. That’s the sound that’s recorded with the video when it’s shot in the field. When you indicate music in the script, it’s typically prerecorded music. Probably from a music production library as opposed to live music which would be being performed for the camera.
Another audio source would be sounds effects, which is abbreviated SFX. If this is on the right hand side of the script,Teenxvid stands for sound effects. If it’s on the left hand side of the script, then it could stand for special effects. It can be confusing, so it’s real important to make sure that you’re clear in what you’re doing. The Graphics Sources that you’ll use, and these would appear on the video side of the script, would include full screen text, much like what we’re using here. Imported files, which would be created by an artist and brought in for the video.
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Or animation, which is basically little movies created by an artist that is brought in for the movie. And this can be an animated logo. The lower third super or key is one that we use an awful lot in script writing. And this is where we indicate that the person talking on camera gets their name seen on the screen. It’s called the lower third because it typically appears in the lower third portion of the picture. It’s often called the super, even though it’s technically a key. Super is short for superimposition, which is another throwback term to the earlier days of television.

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